The MBDA Business Center Detroit can open doors to greater opportunity for strong companies looking to achieve the next level of success.

MMSDC-MBDA Capital Access Program (MMCAP)
Value Proposition

MBDA and its extended team and partners will provide functional assistance through consulting services that include, but not limited to the following areas:

  • Strategy: Market research, marketing strategy (4Ps), competitive strategy, operational turnaround. The team will also leverage Sageworks to perform analysis on financial statements to understand financial condition
  • Process Improvement: Offering process design, value chain mapping and operational benchmarking to understand potential inefficiencies or areas of improvement
  • Talent Management: As a result of MMSDC’s membership base, the team has identified talented individuals that can assist in senior management “bench” support
  • Metrics and Measurement: Development Key Performance Indicators for your business and providing guidance on how to ensure that metrics are actionable
  • Other: Given the Detroit Center’s experience implementing a bespoke CRM system, the team can provide advice on upgrading existing CRM systems and

These services are available to Class 1 through Class 4 minority business enterprises (MBEs), Young MBEs and start-ups focused on B2B solutions.

The MMSDC-MBDA Capital Access Program (MMCAP) is an industry agnostic solution geared towards MBEs of all sizes to help them gain better access to capital.

The link below will initiate an online tool in that will pair you with lenders that can fulfill your organization’s financing needs! It will showcase of series of questions to enable us to accurately identify lending partners that will improve your chance of a successful transaction or instruct you on steps necessary to be a in position to obtain financing.

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Detroit MBDA Center staff will be capable of providing a variety of initial assessments with your ability to raise capital, but also has partnerships with several financial and operational local advisory firms that are aligned with the Center’s goal of improving minority owned businesses ability to continue to compete in the changing business landscape. Firms with proven track records in strengthening profitability, driving growth and securing alternative capital will be introduced to minority businesses.

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Detroit MBDA Center coordinates it Capital Access Program efforts with complimentary partners to deliver a comprehensive solution to MBEs. Please browse the link below to understand who our partners, what services that they offer, and if your organization is a good fit.

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The US Department of Energy Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing Loan Program (ATVMLP) was authorized by Congress to originate, underwrite and service loans from the US Dept. of Treasury’s Federal Financing Bank to eligible manufacturers that are focused on producing advanced technology vehicles that improve vehicle efficiency. MMSDC and Detroit MBDA are working with the DOE to establish a program that creates a pipeline of capable MBEs that are ready to invest in Advanced Technologies aimed at assisting light vehicle manufacturers in achieving stringent CAFE requirements. This program will shepherd medium to large MBEs that have demonstrated a strong operational and financial track record as well as an interest in Advanced Technology Vehicle development. Please call Detroit MBDA Center to be paired up with a consultant that can evaluate your ability to pursue this opportunity.

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Our Mission

ENHANCE your connections to the nation’s leading corporations, government entities, and minority businesses
OBTAIN access to new markets, global and domestic
DEVELOP joint ventures and strategic alliances as an avenue for business growth
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